Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's About Respect

Look, I'm lazy sometimes. I admit it. Leave dishes in the sink way too long. Put off vacuuming and dusting. Toss something frozen in the oven when I'm too lazy to even bother boiling water. But I have my limits. Based on this picture, some people's limits are much, much lower than mine. I took this while paddling on Lake Jordan. It's the side of the road embankment, where people regularly hang out to fish. Apparently, based on much of the garbage left strewn about, it's also where most of them hang out and drink.

This is the scene at various locations around the lake, especially in areas like this, with the rocky embankments.  Probably just more noticeable there since the nooks and crannies in the rocks keep it from blowing away. This left me fuming for quite some time as I paddled out. What is the matter with someone that this seems OK to them? At what point does strewing the landscape with your garbage seem normal? You can manage to bring all this crap with you, but boy it must be a daunting thought to bring a virtually weightless trash bag along as well! I'm amazed that people this lazy and uncaring are able to actually get out of the house and down to the lake to fish. And what's worse, I doubt they would be very happy if someone tossed the same trash on their own lawn. Guess it's all perspective. If it's mine, you better not mess it up. If it's not mine . . . who cares!

Think I'm over-reacting? I don't think so. I think it says a lot about a person, how they treat things that aren't theirs. It's easy to treat your own property with care. Anyone can do that. It's natural to protect what's yours. But it takes integrity and respect for others to take that extra step outside your own sphere. Judging by what I've seen around Lake Jordan, there are a lot of self centered people in this world. I would pay money to see these people get fined. Literally. Though, to be honest, if common sense hasn't made a dent in their brain pan, I'm sure a fine would have no more impression than a raindrop on a windshield. I'm afraid there is no cure for this level of selfishness. Someone at this level of indifference probably can't even conceive of what is wrong with this behavior. After all, it seems to get cleaned up eventually, so what's the problem?! Yeah, cleaned up by those who actually respect their fellow humans and enjoy seeing nature without the Miller Lite garnish!

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