Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mother Nature Knows No Borders

As all have no doubt heard, Haiti was rocked last week with a strong earthquake centered not far from the capital, Port-au-Prince. This has reduced the city to a rubble. There are many ways to help by donating to the relief effort. The simplest, if you have text messaging on your cell phone, is to text the word Haiti to 90999. This will donate $10 to the Red Cross and will be charged to your phone bill. You can find a long list of other organizations and ways to help HERE and at the White House web site.

Unfortunately, there are those who will inevitably try to profit from this tragedy so beware of bogus pleas via post, email, Facebook, Twitter and the like, that ask for donations. I recommend sticking to the major organizations such as ones referenced in the above links or other trusted sources.

But do help if you can. Contrary to the pathetic whining of a few conspiracy theorists, this is not a political or racial or nationalistic issue. Natural disasters can happen most anywhere, whether earthquakes, wild fires, hurricanes, tornados, mud slides or floods, so you never know when you might be the one left with nothing and in need of help. We are at our best when we help others, no matter who or where in the world.

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  1. You are right...we are at our best when we help others.


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